Kindi Kids S3 Fun Time Doll - Mystabella for Girls


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  • Recommended for ages 3 and up
  • Mystabella loves to create and comes with a Magic Reveal masterpiece.
  • Dip your brush in cold water and brush the canvas to magically see the paint.
  • I can hold my brush
  • My head wobbles and wobbles
  • You can take off my shoes and change my clothes.
  • Measures approximately L9 x W5.5 x H13 inch
Kindi Kids S3 Fun Time Doll - Mystabella for Girls
Kindi Kids "Fun Time Friends" are the cutest Pre-Schoolers around! These adorable little girls are full of fun and play and they love attending Rainbow Kinder - A place where every day is about playing together and making friends! Mystabella is a beautiful little girl who loves dressing up as a Unicorn Princess! With a cute unicorn horn headband and a colorful dress, she loves being artistic!She can hold her paintbrush in her hand. Dip her paintbrush on cold water and brush her canvas on her Shopkins easel and magically see her painting appear! Mystabella has big glittery eyes, beautiful hair and adorable head that bobbles with every movement! Kindi Kid Fun Time Dolls have changeable clothes and removable shoes! Come and join them at the Rainbow Kinder, a world of imagination and discovery, where everything comes alive! They can't wait to have a magical day with you!

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