Failfix S1 Total Makeover Doll Pack - Preppiposh Toy for Girls

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  • Recommended for ages 6 and up
  • Material: Plastic
  • Includes 1 x Failfix Doll, 1 x Outfit, 1 x Pair Of Shoes, 1 x Earring Set, 1 x Necklace, 1 x Spa Mask, 1 x Removeable Failed Face, 1 x Brush, 2 x Pom Pom Clips, 3 x Hair Clips, 4 x Hair Elastics, 1 x Doll Stand and 1 x How-To Guide
  • Measures approximately L4.5 x W2.5 x H9 inch
  • Help! @PreppiPosh needs a #STYLESAVIOR! Take the Makeover and give it a total makeover from head to toe!
  • Reveal @PreppiPosh's surprise fashion. Will you find a rare or ultra rare outfit with special finishes on the material?
  • Pamper @PreppiPosh and transform her makeup by applying the Magic Spa Mask to reveal a look she will love.
  • Spruce up @PreppiPosh's hairstyle by removing the accessories stuck to her hair and brushing it until it's silky and smooth.
  • Finish off the @PreppiPosh transformation using the included butterfly clip to create the upward styling look I was trying to achieve.
Failfix S1 Total Makeover Doll Pack - Preppiposh Toy for Girls
Become the ultimate #STYLESAVIOR and Take Over the Makeover with FailFix! The FailFix Squad have tried out the latest online beauty tutorials and things didn't go to they need your help to fix that beauty fail!Meet @Preppi.Posh! She's after a look that's A+, but she needs your help to get top marks for style! First, begin the head-to-toe transformation with a surprise fashion reveal - will you find a Rare or Ultra-Rare outfit with special material? Next, pamper @Preppi.Posh by applying the magic spa mask. Once she's feeling relaxed, remove it to reveal a look she'll love. You might even find a Rare or Ultra-Rare makeup look underneath the magic mask! Then, remove the accessories stuck in her hair and brush it out until it's silky smooth! Finally, complete the total transformation by using the included hair tools to create the 'Up Style' look she was trying to achieve!Finish styling @Preppi.Posh with shoes and jewelry to create the look of her dreams before posing and displaying her on the included Doll Stand. With 4 other fails to fix, you can also help @Kawaii.Qtee, @Loves.Glam, @SlayItDJ and @Dance.Stylz create the latest on-trend style.(Sold separately, subject to availability). FailFix is the perfect toy doll for girls who love styling hair, makeup and fashion!

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