Hatchimals Mini Pixies 2 Pack - Purple Toy for Girls


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  • Recommended for ages 5 and up
  • Material: Plastic
  • Measures approximately L2 x W4 x H9 inch
  • 1.5-INCH MINI PIXIES: Discover 1 Butterfly and 1 Firefly Mini Pixie in each 2-Pack – one ready to play, the other you can hatch! With trendy outfits and hairstyles, these tiny Pixies are big on style!
  • MIX AND MATCH WINGS: Mini Pixies each have a pair of gorgeous Butterfly glitter wings or glow-in-the-dark Firefly wings that are interchangeable! Mix and match their fluttery wings for endless looks!
  • JUMBO WINGS: Every 2-Pack includes a pair of jumbo wings for your new Mini Pixies to wear! With 10 different jumbo wings to collect and 2 jumbo chase wings, will you find a pair of golden wings?
  • Hatchimals Mini Pixies are a great gift for kids aged 5 and up. Expand your Hatchimals collection with the fabulous Mini Pixies!
  • Surprise butterfly and firefly pixie inside.
Hatchimals Mini Pixies 2 Pack - Dark Pink Toy for Girls
Introducing trendy, sassy and tiny Hatchimals Mini Pixies! At 1.5 inches tall, these stylish Pixies are the perfect size! With 20 fashionable Mini Pixies to collect, you can mix and match their wings for endless different looks and create your own unique style! Discover soft and sweet Butterfly Mini Pixies with fluttery glitter wings, and bold and edgy Firefly Mini Pixies with glow-in-the-dark wings! This 2-Pack comes with one Mini Pixie in-egg and one out-of-egg, plus a pair of jumbo wings. In every 2-Pack, you’ll get one Butterfly and one Firefly Mini Pixie! Will you find the chase jumbo wings? Hatch the egg to reveal your mystery Mini Pixie and her wings inside, then easily pop them off and swap them with another Mini Pixie – change them out again and add a pair of jumbo wings! With so many stylish Mini Pixies to collect (2-Packs each sold separately), they’re a must-have for your Hatchimals collection! Display one of your new Mini Pixies in the base of the egg or flip it over to display her on top. Add to your Mini Pixies fashion fun with the Fashion Show 8-Pack (sold separately)! Bring home gorgeous pint-sized Pixies with the Hatchimals Mini Pixies 2-Pack! (Surprise butterfly and firefly pixie inside.)

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