Light Stax Hybrids Roaring Lion Brick Set for Kids


Color: Multicolor
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  • Brand: Light Stax
  • Recommended for ages 6and up
  • Material: Plastic
  • Light up your play with these creative light up bricks!
  • Bricks come to life with Stax!
  • Move your Stax animal and its sound can be heard throughout the jungle
  • Invent your own Stax animal using the Light and Sound Stax included
  • Want more? Then collect all Stax Jungle Animals!
  • Includes 74bricks + 9 stax
  • Includes sound stax
  • With lights and sounds
  • Motion activated
  • Brick compatible
  • Contains spare CR2032 battery

Light Stax Hybrids Roaring Lion Brick Set for Kids

Bring to life the King of the Jungle with this Light Stax Hybrids Roaring Lion! Stax Hybrid combines light, sound, and connector stax with regular bricks in imaginative playset! Just move your Stax Lion to hear it roar and light up its eyes!

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