MiDeer 4 in 1 Lively Bazaar Beginner Puzzle Toy for Kids


Color: Multicolor
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  • Recommended for ages 3 years and up
  • Materials: Wooden
  • Includes 4 boxes; each box comes with a 12 pieces, 16 pieces,24 pieces and 32 pieces puzzle.
  • Children are able to progress their own pace
  • Develop kids creativity and imaginations
  • These progressive puzzle sets evolve with your little one
  • Perfect gift for kids

MiDeer 4 in 1 Lively Bazaar Beginner Puzzle Toy for Kids

Hey, I am Dan. I live in No.5 Mideer street. I love my neighborhood. When I open the window in the morning, it’s lovely to watch my roommates Liz Cat and Ann Dog watering the flowers. Rabbit family has a big apple tree and miss rabbit loves singing under the apple tree. Oh yes, Mike Elephant and Billy Pig are discussing the travelling plan this weekend. We all love to buy ice cream and lollipops from Billy Pig's shop in the end of the street.

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