Project MC2 Bryden Bandweth Doll


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  • For ages 6 years and up
  • Meet Bryden Bandweth, who is a tech genius with Project Mc2. She loves tweeting and instagraming about what's trending
  • She's dressed in an adorbs t-shirt, bright skirt and jacket, and awesome kicks!
  • She is the sharpest pencil in the box with her techy vibes and shiny textures
  • Articulated fashion doll has a totally cool outfit that reflects her personality and style
  • Includes a beaker-shaped comb
  • Doll is 11.75 inches tall

Bryden bandweth is a tech guru, whose global style is powered by high fashion and a mix of K-pop and Tokyo street style. She collects unique pieces by scrolling fashion blogs and the far reaches of the online shopping universe! She may be a gamer and geek, but make no mistake, Bry has a bold style to match her spunky attitude.

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